The Fragile Line: The Complete Series Box Set

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The only way to have her heart’s desire is to risk losing it all.

“It’s fast and exciting. Sexy and fun. Full of tension and anxiety. Everything I look for in a book!” ~A is for Alpha B is for Books Blog
Take home all 3 volumes at once in this complete series collection and save. Find out why readers are falling in love with the sexy, sweet mechanics at Tanner Automotive!  (Printed edition is 574 pages).

This romance is appropriate for ages 18+ due to strong language and sexual content.

When Chloe is left high and dry by a friends-with-benefits lover, she plummets toward rock bottom. Until she runs into Matt–mechanic by day, bouncer by night, ripped, tattooed, & hot 24/7.

Matt would know that pink-tipped platinum-blonde hair anywhere. It’s Chloe, doing a half-naked walk of shame. He knows she’s no saint. Then again, neither is he–but he’s no douche-bag either. Her slumped shoulders and tear-stained cheeks ignite his protective instincts even though his better sense warns him she’s a threat to his no-drama lifestyle.

As their friendship deepens, desire rises. Things are moving too fast, but Chloe feels powerless to put on the emotional brakes. She senses Matt is holding something back. Something that could lead to the end of what they have. Chloe wants more than anything to FML–follow Matt’s lead. It feels right to be with him, even with his family. But in the past, every time she’s given her trust, it has torn out a chunk out of her heart.

Matt is ready to take the next step in his life. One dream calls to him with a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity. The other–Chloe–sears his soul with eyes that tell him she’s not ready to follow.

Long ago, Matt gave forever love a chance and got burned in the most humiliating way imaginable. This time, the only thing he can offer is one night they can both look back on. And hope that one day, the warmth of that memory will draw her back into his arms.

*The Fragile Line series is a spin-off to The Fine Line. Reading The Fine Line first is not necessary, but will provide a further introduction to the characters which may enhance the overall reading experience. The Fragile Line Series contains spoilers to The Fine Line.

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