The Fine Line

Slam on the brakes?
Or put the pedal to the metal?

Liv Evans has her life mapped out. Work two part-time jobs, study hard during her senior year, and save enough money to get her own place.

There’s no room in that plan for romance.

If her mother’s serial relationship disasters have taught her anything, it’s that getting involved with a man only results in heartbreak.

Liv is tired of losing the men she’s grown to love and doesn’t want to repeat her mother’s mistakes.

So, she makes a rule. No attachments.

But when she meets street racer Logan Tanner, her determination for a future free of emotional pain is put to the test. The moment her eyes lock with his, her heart beats wildly against the walls she’s built around it.

She’s drawn to his world of underground racing. Even becomes his flag girl. With every encounter, every touch, and finally, every kiss, Logan cruises through all her red lights.

The moment she’s ready to give in to the inevitable, their world comes crashing down around her in an emotional, complicated, and dangerous mess, leaving her to decide…

Is love worth the struggle? Or worth fighting for?

Will I like this book?

  • The Fine Line is a friends-to-lovers standalone, with an HEA and no cliffhanger. Perfect for new adult romance readers who would enjoy a delicious combination of drama, heartbreak, humor, action, a heavy dose of angst, and a sexy bad-boy who comes to reveal a swoon-worthy sweet side.

Appropriate for readers over the age of seventeen (due to mature content, strong language, and sexual situations).

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