The Fine Line (Fine Lines: Book One)

When Liv meets street racer Logan Tanner, the notorious bad boy slips past all her defenses and lures her into a world where love is messy, emotional, dangerous–and worth fighting for.

The Fine Line is a friends-to-lovers, car-racing standalone, with no cliffhanger. If you love new adult romance and enjoy a delicious combination of drama, heartbreak, humor, action, a heavy dose of angst…you’ll love this book!

The Fragile Line (Fine Lines: Book Two)

Originally published as three separate novellas, The Fragile Line is a steamy spin-off to The Fine Line.  This new story, which features characters you met in The Fine Line, will have you experiencing a wide array of emotions from heartbreak to humor to passion and more.  This book can be read as a standalone but it does contain spoilers to The Fine Line.  

With the crushing reminder that she’s all alone, Chloe plummets toward rock bottom. Until she runs into mechanic & nightclub bouncer, Matt, the one guy who can always make her smile. Their relationship moves fast.  Chloe senses Matt holding something back. Will she let go of her fear and FML-follow Matt’s lead? And if she does, what will it cost her?

Prefer to read The Fragile Line as it was originally published?  Check out the three-book novella series below!

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