Anne Stone

October 22nd, 2017

Join me in welcoming Anne Stone! Her latest book, Life’s Forever Changed, is a prequel to her Show Me Series.  It just released today! Happy release day, Anne!

Tell us about you! Can you share some interesting tidbits we may not know?

I’m really just an average person that is trying to live a dream. My writing career took a definite back burner to my career. I have an Education degree but never really taught. I graduated from a five-year program in 3 ½ years. When I graduated, school was in session and jobs were hard to find. A friend of my parents worked for a mortgage company, so I interviewed for a short-term job. My little detour lasted fifteen years. I worked non-stop sometimes 60+ hours a week and didn’t have time for writing. I traveled a lot managing upwards to 30 direct employees and over 100+ non-direct. Fast forward many years and here I am today. Living the dream I set-out hoping to accomplish over thirty years ago. I owe this magical journey to my father who was my biggest supporter. I think he would be proud of me.

What inspired you to start writing?

I started writing when I was in college but stopped when I began working. I wanted to write the stories I enjoyed reading. My father was my biggest fan and when he became ill he made me promise that I would publish my books. After his death, self-publishing became easier and I jumped right on it. So, I pretty much owe my publishing career to my father. I think he would be proud of where I’ve come in just a little over a year.

Other than writing, what are some of your passions in life?

When the weather is nice enough, I love to work out in the yard. I used to garden and sell my vegetables on the street in front of my house. Where I live right now, I don’t have a large enough yard to handle the type of garden I’m used to. Maybe someday! I also love to craft especially scrapbook, needlepoint, etc. I’m into pretty much anything. I don’t have children, so I’d have to say one of my passions is my dog. I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and he follows me everywhere, and I mean everywhere. He keeps me on my toes that’s for sure!

What was your debut novel, and how has your writing process changed since your debut?

My debut novel was Life’s Second Chances. I wrote it right after my dad passed away. When I wrote that I really didn’t plan—not to say that I do now, but I do think about where I want the story to go. Often times my stories take a few turns along the way, but I’d say I definitely plan a little bit more.

What is your favorite part of the writing/publishing process and why?

I love to come up with a new story idea. Right now I’ve got three series going. The first two (Life’s Second Chances and Williams & Company) have been published and the third may debut late this year. The first book in my third series was the first book I wrote way back in college. It still needs some polishing but as I rewrote it I realized I could turn it into a series. Not only have I taken one of the ideas I had on the back burner but I’ve added it to the third series. Right now this series could have over ten books in it and I can’t wait to publish it.

What is your most challenging part of the writing/publishing process and what do you do to make it easier?

For me the most challenging is the Social Media. Personally, I’m not one to just post things about myself on Facebook and Twitter. I’ve really been working hard at sharing more things about myself with my followers.

What does a typical day look like for you? How do you find balance?

I work part-time so I can pretty much write whenever I want. What’s challenging for me is fitting it in with everything else I do outside of work. A typical day for me is checking in with my job and then working around my house— doing yard work or whatever. Then, I tackle emails, social media, etc. This summer I’ve taken time off from writing but I am anxious to get back into it and finish the second book in my new series.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Don’t give up and keep writing. I stopped writing when I started working full time and I wish I hadn’t.

What do you love about writing romance?

I love seeing two people fall hopelessly in love—often times overcoming life’s challenges. I love watching the characters grow and learn to rely on someone other than themself. There’s just something about the genre that lets you dream of love and in most cases find your happily ever after.

What kinds of things do you find romantic in real life? 

There are so many ways a person can be romantic. As an author writing a simple gesture, a smile, holding hands, walking along the beach at sunset can be romantic. You as the author make the scene, and I hope I bring that romantic feeling to my readers.

Do you read your book reviews? If so, how do they affect your writing (if at all)?

I read many of my book reviews. I use them as a tool to improve my writing. As a result of some of the reviews, I changed editors. I hope my readers see a difference when I release my first book using my new editor. Life’s Forever Changed releases on October 22, 2017.

What is the craziest, funniest, or most surprising thing that has happened to you since publishing your first book?

I can’t say anything funny has happened to me. What I can say is I’ve met an awful lot of nice people that have given me guidance. There are so many in this industry that are just out for themselves, but I’ve been lucky enough to meet some really inspiring people that want to see me succeed. I’ve been lucky and I do my best to pass along tidbits that I’ve learned as well. I still have a lot to learn but I’m just thankful that I’ve made friends with some lovely people.

Tell us about your most recent (or upcoming) release!

Life’s Forever Changed releases on October 22, 2017 [Today!]. It is the prequel to The Show Me Series. I went back and wrote this because many of my readers wanted to know a little more about the main character Alejandro Alvarez and why family was so important to him. What happens in Life’s Forever Changed basically sets the stage for the rest of the series. I hope my readers will enjoy reading it.

Is there any other news you would like to share?

Other than releasing Life’s Forever Changed on October 22, 2017, I don’t have anything planned in stone for the rest of the year. If I can get my act together, I will release the first book in my new series, but more than likely that will happen in early 2018.

Five Facts Just for Fun!

1. What’s your favorite ’90s jam?

I loved anything Chicago and Air Supply.

2. What was the last gift you gave someone?

My neighbor and I celebrate our birthdays. She loves to drink wine, so I etched some wine glasses for her.

3. What were you like as a kid?

I went to a private school so I was pretty much a rule follower. I didn’t want to get into trouble and have to stay after school.

4. What was the last thing you binge-watched & what did you think of it?

Either fortunately or unfortunately, I don’t watch much TV. It’s been quite a few years since I binge watched anything. I own the entire DVD collection of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. One summer I sat down and watched it every day, for hours on end. All 200+ episodes. I loved every minute of it!

5. What is the one thing (other than your loved ones) that you cannot live without?

I can’t live without my dog. He’s the best part of the day. Outside of him, I’d say my Nook or a physical book.

Life’s Forever Changed (The Show Me Series Book 0)

After Alejandro Alvarez’s best friend dies of kidney disease while in high school, Alejandro vows to change his life. Determined to help others suffering from his friend’s illness, he rejects joining his father’s pediatrics practice and instead trains as a nephrologist and a transplant surgeon. Fourteen years later, devotion to his career has rewarded him with a reputation as an excellent surgeon, but success has left him alone, with no family that he can call his own.

Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse Tammy Johansen is on duty when an infant must undergo a life-saving transplant. Working closely with famed surgeon Dr. Alejandro Alvarez, she sees the sensitive, lonely man beneath his professional exterior and wonders can such a man be interested in someone like her?

As they battle to save the tiny patient, Alejandro struggles with the emptiness within himself until the lovely and compassionate nurse at his side catches his attention. In that moment, one look at Tammy forever changes his life.

Life’s Forever Changed is the Prequel to Anne Stone’s The Show Me series.

AMAZON: United States / United Kingdom / Canada / Australia


LIFE’S SECOND CHANCES (The Show Me Series Book 1)

Angelina Samuels has lost the only job she’s ever held. A last minute interview lands her a new teaching job just days before the school year is about to begin. It turns out to be the best thing that could have happened when she realizes that her best friend from college, Gabriella Alvarez, is also a member of the teaching staff.

Gabriella’s brother, Alejandro, relocates to his hometown after having lived away from family and friends since he left for college to become a renowned transplant surgeon. He’s settling into a new job, reacquainting himself with family and friends, and is learning to deal ever-so-slowly with the personal loss that forever changed his life.

When Angelina’s sister experiences a health crisis, Alejandro is there to support her and her family. And when Angelina herself experiences a personal tragedy, Alejandro is the only one to guide her through it. As love stares down at them, can Angelina help Alejandro take that second chance on love and marriage?

AMAZON: United States / United Kingdom / Canada / Australia



Kelly Samuels is dedicated to her career and has received several promotions in her short tenure at Lattice Works. Kelly’s family is shocked when she returns home unemployed and without an explanation.

Alec Alvarez, a pediatrician from a family full of doctors, is focused solely on his career. He’s declared his bachelor status for life and has no desire for love, marriage, or babies. When Alec finds Kelly stuck on the side of a snowy road, neither of them are prepared for the feelings they begin to have for one another.

As Kelly and Alec grow closer, he wants to know why the once happy-go-lucky Kelly is hesitant to his touch, while Kelly just wants to find purpose to her life again. After Kelly tells two conflicting stories as to why she lost her job, Alec steps in to discover what truly happened. Can Kelly come to terms with what happened to her and move on with her life? And can Alec love enough to give-up his bachelorhood status for good?

AMAZON: United States / United Kingdom / Canada / Australia


LIFE’S TURNED UPSIDE DOWN (The Show Me Series Book 3)

Gabriella Alvarez is the youngest of the Alvarez family. She’s watched her best friend marry her brother and another brother find love. Deep down, she’s looking for love, but she can’t quite shake the college sweetheart that broke her heart.

Dr. Ashton Holder works for the famous Alvarez practice. He and Gabriella have always clashed—she continues to see him only has the rough-edged doctor with no bedside manner, but he’s really made strides to put this image behind him.

When Gabriella discovers a secret from Ashton’s past, though, she does her best to help him uncover something that will change his life forever, but a misunderstanding between them rocks him to the core. When he finally uncovers the secret, he must learn to put his past aside and try and move on with a future willed with hope and dreams.

AMAZON: United States / United Kingdom / Canada / Australia




Never Lose Hope (Williams & Company Book 1)

Samantha Jacobs is just trying to lead an average life. Her family has always been in the spotlight, and she’s tired of all the unwanted attention. She decides to work as an assistant at Williams & Company, a private security firm that specializes in protecting families and employees for major corporations. But after an affair, unplanned pregnancy, and tragedy upset her escape for normalcy, Sam runs back home to her parents for what she hopes is safety.

Jason Morgan, a retired Navy SEAL, is second in command at Williams & Company. He’s the special-ops person that’s called upon to rescue people from dangerous situations. Jason’s world is turned upside down after a failed mission leads to him being held captive by drug lords in South America. Once freed, he endures a long road to recovery, both physically and emotionally.

New tragedies catch up to Sam even as she attempts to outrun them. She must team-up with Jason and Williams & Company to uncover the facts surrounding her mother’s untimely death.

As Sam and Jason get closer to the truth, can Jason overcome the memories of his capture, and can Sam handle everything that’s been revealed before it overwhelms her?



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