Crossing the Line Teaser

UPDATE 1/30/16!  The title “Crossing the Line” has been changed to “The Fragile Line.”  Add it to your Goodreads TBR HERE!

Just a quick update! It’s been a while since releasing The Fine Line, and I’m sure you’re wondering if I’m working on anything else.

The answer is yes! I’m still writing! It’s a slow process with everything else going on in life, but I am jumping between two writing projects at the moment. Spark (a new standalone), and Crossing the Line (A Fine Line novella).

Feel like some questions were left unanswered from The Fine Line? In Crossing the Line, it’ll all be laid out in detail from the one person who knows exactly what happened “that night.” But that’s only a small part of this story…. Liv and Logan will make appearances in this book, but it won’t be about them.

Haven’t read The Fine Line yet? Why the heck not? Go grab it now and enjoy a fun, quick-paced read tonight. Links are on the right side of this page.

Here’s a little teaser from Crossing the Line.

The only question now is…who’s the guy in the pic?

Enjoy! And please share if you feel inclined to! (Sharing is caring).

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Alicia Kobishop is a contemporary romance writer who lives in the greater Milwaukee, WI area with her husband and two children. Get writing updates by signing up for her newsletter here:

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