Sale Today Only! And a Writing Update

Wow, the summer flew by!  Most of my attention this summer was focused on family.  The kids were off school, and my husband had several days off.  We took full advantage of our time together, taking a few mini-vacations throughout our lovely state of WI, and my kiddos participated in a plethora of activities during the last three months.

Since my (not so) little ones went back to school on Tuesday, I have been spending several hours per day writing.  It’s been a slow process this time around, mostly because I want to take what I’ve learned from the writing and publishing of The Fine Line and apply it to the new book.  I’ve done more research on effective novel writing and I may even do a post on the things I’ve learned in the near future if that’s something you all might be interested in…

Many writers say it’s best to let the first draft just flow out of you and worry about the rewrites later, but for me it works better to edit as I go.  It’s just my style.  I can’t give a date on when the new book will be published but for now please know that I can’t wait to get something new to you all and I’m working hard on it!

On another note: I have put THE FINE LINE on SALE for TODAY ONLY! 

Sale Aug 30th-The Fine Line

If you haven’t read it, now’s the time to check it out.  Not sure you want to?  Take a look at some of the reviews below! (click on the links to read them in full)

$0.99 US –> (a 4.2 out of 5 star avg. rating)
£0.77 UK –> (a 4.7 out of 5 star avg. rating)
$1.08 CA –> (a 5 out of 5 star avg. rating)
$1.06 AU –> (No ratings yet.  Will you be the first?)

“A-freaking fantastic read, I have found another author to add to my stalker list..eeeeekkkkk :)” Endless Reading,

“Whew! I finished the book and immediately went into this review because it left such a huge impact on me.” ~Itching for Books Blog

“Here’s hoping that more books like this one will be written, cause if so, then the indie world just got that much better.” ~ Book Reader Chronicles

“For this to be the author’s debut novel, she did an AMAZING job. I mean this is going on my favorite’s list. I fell completely in love with the story and the characters. Such a wonderfully written story.” ~Verna Loves Books

“This is the perfect book for anyone who loves a new adult romance story. The Fine Line is fun and exciting story of learning to trust and love. This book was amazing from start to finish.” ~A is for Alpha B is for Books

“Wow, I’m currently bawling like a baby, it’s been a long time since I had a cry with a good book and The Fine Line is just that! The storyline was catchy and entertaining.” ~Morphy’s Book Blog 

“I enjoyed it very much, and then realized as I sat down to write this that it is Alicia’s Debut Novel. Debut. Wow. Girl can write a book. Pace is spot on, and I had a very awesome relaxing afternoon reading this one.” ~Courtney – The Bookish Babe

“Another debut novel that just blew me away!” ~Desiree – A Love Affair With Books


About Alicia Kobishop

Alicia Kobishop is a contemporary romance writer who lives in the greater Milwaukee, WI area with her husband and two children. Get writing updates by signing up for her newsletter here:

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