Teaser anyone?

I haven’t written anything in a few days.  I’m finishing up a heartwarming scene and going into a heartbreaking one.  The “rip your heart out of your chest and slice it into a million pieces” scenes seem to be the easiest to write, as far a flow goes, but they’re so darn devastating!  I have to mentally prepare myself for it.

So…I’m procrastinating.  Which means…It’s time for a TEASER!!!

“I’m not here for them, Liv.  I wasn’t even going to do this tonight, until…”

“Until what?” I stopped and looked directly at him, meeting his eyes.

Hmmm…What could it mean???  Who’s “them?”  Where are they?  What did he do?  Why wasn’t he going to do it?

Oh the suspense!!!

Stay tuned!  My goal is to have the book ready to publish by Fall at the latest.  I’m currently at 47,000 words and I feel like there’s a lot more story to tell, so I’m probably a little over the half-way point.  I can’t wait for you all to meet Liv and Logan!

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