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Hello and welcome!  I’m Alicia, author of the street racing romance, The Fine Line, and it’s spin-off, The Fragile Line Series.  When I’m not writing contemporary romance, I’m spending quality time with my husband and two kids in my hometown and current city of residence–Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Thank you for visiting my website!  I’d love for you to browse around and see what’s here.  Have questions or suggestions?  Shoot me an email!

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Latest Release!

When the last spark of hope fizzles, love can light the way home.

Part Three of a Three-Part Story

In her heart, Chloe knows she’s done the right thing to let Matt go. Her old life of clubbing, drinking, and hookups is over, but she isn’t finished growing into the person she wants to be, much less a woman who’s worthy of Matt’s love.

She’s not exactly moving on, but she’s moving forward. Until she catches a glimpse of Matt on TV as one of the cast of the American Muscle reality show. And that’s not all. He’s holding hands with his co-star, Dalton Davis’s beautiful daughter, Ava.

When Chloe walked away from Matt, he made a decision: he’d wait for her as long as it took. Meanwhile, he doesn’t see any harm pretending to be with Ava just to appease her father—at first. But he can’t pretend, not even for the cameras. Trouble is, Chloe has only seen half the story—the half that’s a lie.

It may take a tragedy to bring her close enough to tell her—and show her—the whole truth.

Warning: This romance is appropriate for age 18+ only.


 The Fragile Line: Part One and Part Two must be read first!  Get started now on this deeply addictive, extremely seductive, three-part series!



Reading The Fine Line before The Fragile Line Series is not necessary, but I recommend it so that you may get a better introduction to Chloe and Matt.

What’s The Fine Line about?

*He’s a street-racer with a penchant for recklessness.
*She’s a high school senior who wants nothing to do with commitment.
*Neither one of them saw it coming.
*They try to deny each other.
*Rules get broken.
*Hearts get shattered.
*And just when they’re finally ready to let their guards down, it seems the past is destined to repeat itself.


Will you be attending any book signing events in the near (or distant) future? Let me tell you, I LOVE these events because I get to MEET the wonderful readers and authors in person whom I’ve gotten to know so well online, AND meet new friends that I’ve never met before (in real life OR online)!

I would LOVE to meet you!

I’ll be signing at the following events in 2017.  More are in the works.  I hope to see you!  Have a signing you’d like me to attend?  Let me know!


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March 18, 2017 – Rock Island, Illinois

April 8th, 2017 – Clear Lake, Iowa


July 8th, 2017 – East Peoria, Illinois


October 7th, 2017 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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